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Roquette launches ready

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11-Nov-2021 - Last updated on 11-Nov-2021 at 10:01 GMT

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Developed based on Roquette's market-first pea starch technology launched at the end of last year​, named LYCAGEL, the new softgel blend premix provides manufacturers with a solution that can be 'dropped in' to their manufacturing process and ensures fast and reproducible scale-up for both nutraceutical and pharmaceutical applications.

In short, manufacturers only need to add water and glycerol to develop high quality veggie capsules. This results in numerous benefits, such as faster time to market, minimises dosage requirements (of individual ingredients), fewer raw materials required, and minimised variability.

Roquette promises the premix solution enables capsule characteristics comparable to gelatin softgels, including excellent capsule strength, seal integrity, quick drying time with no stickiness, fast disintegration, and improved performance thanks to high thermal and chemical stability. The solution can also be used in products with non-GMO, halal, kosher and clean-label claims.

"Accessing the right quantities of raw materials is not always straightforward. LYCAGEL Premix eliminates the need for manufacturers to manage multiple raw material inventory and simplifies processes, like handling and storage, as well as streamlining manufacturing through the simple addition of water and glycerol to the powder,"​ said Paul Smaltz, Vice President of Roquette Pharmaceutical Solutions.

"Available as a drop-in solution for customers’ existing systems, it is now easy for manufacturers to adopt the premix into current manufacturing set-ups without requiring re-tooling of the line. This eliminates the need for dosing of individual ingredients, while also minimizing the risk of variability and probability of production failure. We look forward to seeing what the future holds for LYCAGEL Premix."​

LYCAGEL® Premix is available with immediate effect – for more information, please visit:​.

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