Sep 09, 2023

Best prebiotics and probiotics supplements 2023

Jules Miller, one of The Nue Co's co-founders, has irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), so it's hardly surprising that the brand knows its stuff when it comes to gut health. This supplement, which delivers probiotics and prebiotic inulin fibre from Jerusalem artichoke root, was developed specifically for people with IBS but is also great for everyone.

It's slightly unusual because it contains spores instead of the typical live bacteria, and that means the 15 billion spores per dose don't start working until they reach your small intestin. This is meant to give them a better chance of survival as they move through your body. Our tester has become a regular user of prebiotic and probiotic because of the comfortable feeling they get when taking the supplement that they think is from improved digestion.

Plus, those keen to take it regularly can sign up for a monthly subscription that gives a 20 per cent discount and see the capsules come in pouches made with recycled plastics so that you can use that incredibly stylish glass jar again and again.

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