Mar 08, 2023

Vege Capsules Attract Much Attention at Natural Products Expo West with Erkang’s Starchgel as a Representative

Hunan, China, March 13, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Natural Products Expo West, the world's well-known natural, organic and health Products Expo, opened on the 9th March 9, 2023 (US local time). Dietary supplement manufacturers and brands from around the worldattendedto discuss the current consumer trends and innovative solutions in the industry.

Natural Products Expo West

The "Natural" Choice of Nutritional Supplements – Vege Capsules

Last year, plant-based cleaning labels were one of the most expected trends, Expo West officials revealed. While this year, a quarter of the booths featured vegan products, with plant-based concepts favored by manufacturers and brands.

It is understood that capsules are the largest dosage form in the field of dietary supplements at present. Before, health food capsules were mostly made of animal-derived gelatin. While as the market changesand the rise of new-generation consumers, the more heat-resistant and more stable plant-based softgels starts to become the dominant trend in the market.

Data from the market research indicates that the global plant-based softgel market size is expected to reach $405.9 million by 2028, with a market CAGR of 4.3% during 2021 to 2030. And for the changing trend of plant-based softgels, this year's Expo West exhibitor, Erkang Pharmaceuticals, has profound experience.

(At Expo West,Erkang's starchgel received much attention from the industry)

Erkang is the global pioneer of vegetable capsule starch technology, with over 70 international technology patents. Its representative product, starchgel, has reached a cooperation with manufacturers in North America, Europe, Southeast Asia and many other regions. Most of the plant capsule dietary supplements currently marketed in the global market use Erkang's plant starch raw materials. This year, Erkang brought a new generation of chewable softgel starch - N-VGEL to the exhibition. Meanwhile, based on the advantages of raw materials and production capacity of plant softgels accumulated over the years, Erkang can also provide OEM/ODM services for brand owners. Erkang is one of the few listed companies in China that meet international standards and clean labels on softgels.

Paul, Deputy General Manager of the General Health Business Department of Erkang, told us, "In contrast to gelatin, Erkang Starchgel has more formulation options with better heat resistance, no cross-linking reaction limitations. Manufacturers are able to add oxidation-sensitive functional ingredients. In terms of consumer groups, conforming to veganism, meeting clean labels and pure plant sources (cassava) are also more natural and safe."

It is not difficult to findthat the plant-based capsule market is still growing rapidly each yearthrough communicating with a number of manufacturers and plant-based supplement experts around the world at Natural Products Expo West. Many brands deem that green and natural, plant-based capsules that meet the clean label is a new opportunity to improve product quality and enhance brand power.

Meanwhile, plant capsules in the manufacturing process, production costs also have a major breakthrough, more companies began to expand plant-based product lines. It is believed that in the future, manufacturers in the functional food industry can rely on plant capsules to provide consumers with more natural and green nutritional solutions.