Jan 12, 2024

Best Fat Burners For Men: Lose Fat & Retain Muscle Mass: We look at the best natural fat burners for men on the market today

The health and fitness industry is swamped with fat burners for men, all of which promise incredible results, easy dieting, and "rapid fat loss". But as we all already know, things don't quite work that way.

Despite spending hours in the gym and eating a severely restricted diet, many people still find that they struggle to lose weight. Even with the help of (often expensive) weight loss supplements.

The reason for this is simple: the majority of fat burning supplements are scams! Around 90% of fat burning supplements are stuffed full of untested, often dangerous ingredients that do more harm than good.

But not all fat burners are scams. There are some highly effective weight loss supplements on the market today. These are supplements which combine safe, natural ingredients scientifically proven to burn fat, preserve muscle mass, and improve athletic performance during times of intense caloric restriction.

A good fat burner can help you lose weight quickly and safely, without causing side effects or long-term health risks.

The best fat burner for men will accelerate your metabolism, increase energy levels, protect lean muscle mass, and increase fat oxidation all at the same time.

In this article, we will introduce you to the best fat burner for men on the market right now. At AustinChronicle, we’ve reviewed dozens of fat burning supplements, and we have found one product stands out from the rest in terms of quality, safety and value for money.

We'll then explain more on how fat burners work, who they are designed for, and the safety concerns to consider before using a fat burner.

Finding the best fat burner for men among so many low quality supplements is a daunting task.

But after reviewing dozens of scam weight loss pills, as well as the occasional good weight loss supplement, we have settled on one product as the obvious choice for our recommended fat burner: Burn Lab Pro from Opti Nutra.

Burn Lab Pro is an ultra-modern fat burning supplement.

Designed with serious athletes in mind, this brand new product from Opti Nutra combines 6 of the most effective natural substances for enhancing fat loss and muscle retention in existence.

Importantly, each ingredient has thorough backing from human clinical data. There's no pseudo-science, no fillers, and no dangerous stimulants.

While many fat burners claim to offer these benefits, no other fat burner on the market can reasonably claim to deliver on all of these fronts, using the same high-quality ingredients, for such a reasonable price.

In particular, we were impressed with Opti Nutra's commitment to using ingredients which are as close to their naturally occurring state as possible, while at the same time offering enhanced bioavailability an potency.

We were also impressed with the value of Burn Lab Pro. Although in the premium price range, you definitely get what you pay for, with generous discounts on multibox purchases - reducing Burn Lab Pro down to $44.25 a bottle in some cases!

Not only that, every purchase is protected by a 30 day money back guarantee. Doing everything right and not seeing the results you want? Opti Nutra will refund your money.

Find out more about what Burn Lab Pro has to offer:


Let's take a closer look at the ingredients in this top quality fat burning supplement.

Chromium is an essential trace mineral needed for a variety of bodily functions. In terms of weight loss, chromium is extremely useful. Clinical trials show that chromium helps improve insulin sensitivity[1].

This is a measure how efficiently your cells can use blood glucose; better insulin sensitivity means cells which more efficiently use glucose, which means lower fasting blood sugar levels and more energy. Chromium also improves the metabolism of protein, fats and carbohydrates. This is a major benefit for people who need to extract maximum nutrition from minimal calories!

HMB is not used in nearly enough fat burners today. This is easily one of the best natural supplements to use for preserving fat and maximizing fat loss during a cut. HMB (ß-Hydroxyl ß-Methylbutyrate) is naturally produced in the human body when it breaks down the amino acid leucine.

Studies have found that supplementing with HMB significantly reduces muscle mass loss during periods of intense training and caloric restriction[2]. It seems that the body sees the presence of HMB as a signal to preserve lean muscle mass. As dieting is usually indiscriminate - with athletes losing both muscle and fat - HMB is a potentially game-changing supplement when used correctly. The 1500mg in Burn Lab Pro is in line with the optimal doses identified by robust clinical trials.

Forslean is, without question, the natural fat burner with the most robust scientific backing on the market today. This is a highly potent, branded form of Coleus Forskohlii Extract (providing 10% forskolin). Studies show that forskolin both accelerates fat loss and helps with the preservation of muscle mass during periods of intense training and caloric restriction.

Forskolin seems to work primarily by stimulating the release of the enzyme lipase, which mobilizes fat from your body's fat stores [3][4]. Releasing stored fat from fat cells allows it to be readily used for fuel.

In one study, participants given forskolin presented more weight loss over the course of treatment, yet ended with significantly more muscle mass than control[5]. Forskolin is therefore a must-have for body re-composition and targeted weight loss. The 375mg in Burn Lab Pro is more than most studies used to obtain excellent results.

Cayenne pepper is a classic ingredient in weight loss supplements. It is found in all of the best fat burners, and for good reason - it works! Cayenne

Pepper is a rich source of capsaicin; this is the oily substance that makes food spicy. Consuming capsaicin triggers a heat response; when detected, your body responds to capsaicin as though it were heat and instantly starts to cool you down.

Everyone who has ever experienced the sweating that comes with eating very spicy food knows what this means! This heat response costs a lot of calories, pushing you deeper into a caloric deficit (and without you having to eat lots of spicy food). This is how hot pepper extracts such as Capsimax promote fat loss[6]; by increasing caloric expenditure and deepening the caloric deficit.

Capsimax is a tried and tested thermogenic fat burner. Research shows that Capsimax can increase caloric deficit by as much as 120 calories per day[7].

BioPerine is a branded and highly bioavailable form of piperine; the compound in black pepper found to improve digestion and enhance nutrient absorption rates. Dieting typical sees us cutting down on large quantities of food, and all too often the most nutritious foods (nuts, fruits, vegetables, etc.) are the first to fall by the wayside as we prioritize lean protein and complex carbs.

Increasing your ability to absorb nutrients from the small amount of food you do eat during a diet is essential for maintaining athletic performance and overall health. Some research has also shown that piperine (the active component of BioPerine) has its own independent fat burning properties[8]. A few milligrams of BioPerine is a must for the best fat burners.

Want to know more about what makes Burn Lab Pro tick?

Get your answers in full on the Burn Lab Pro Ingredients Page.

Does it even make sense to use fat burners designed specifically for men?

After all, don't men and women have broadly the same needs when it comes to fat loss? Don't men and women have nearly identical nutritional needs, with a slight difference in calories?

Well, yes and no.

It is true that, most of the time, the best fat burner for men will also be the most effective fat burner for women. The best fat burner is the one which delivers the most effective ingredients proven to support fat loss. Whatever supplement provides the optimal stack of fat burning ingredients – those proven by hard clinical research – is probably going to be the optimal fat burner for both men and women.

However, men and women do often have slightly different goals when it comes to fat loss, body re-composition, and athletic training.

Whereas women tend to focus solely on fat loss, men are typically more concerned with body composition; that is, men tend to want to reduce body fat while retaining muscle mass more than simply losing weight.

This means that the ideal fat burner for a man will need to go further than simply promoting weight loss. A good fat burner for men will need to help preserve muscle mass and support intensive weight training while also increasing fat loss.

That is not to say that no women care about muscle mass preservation. Plenty do. It is just that the vast majority of men care overwhelmingly about preserving muscle mass, whereas women tend to prioritize weight loss over saving lean muscle tissue.

Natural fat burning supplements work in lots of different ways. The best fat burners for men will utilize several different weight loss enhancers, all with different mechanisms of action, into a single stack. The end result is a complete weight loss pill capable of enhancing any weight loss program.

Let's go through some of the main ways in which natural fat burning supplements for men work.

Thermogenesis refers to the process of heat production in organic organisms. In the context of fat loss and body re-composition, thermogenesis refers to the use of heat to increase caloric expenditure.

In simple terms, fat burners use thermogenesis to place an individual into a deeper caloric deficit without them having to cut out yet more food. The common way this is done is with the use of a chili pepper extract; in top tier fat burners, this is usually done with Capsimax (a highly bioavailable and tested cayenne pepper extract). Matcha is another thermogenic which is detailed as a Japanese weight loss secret by Let's Visit Asia, but it's easy enough to drink as a beverage. Capsimax is a much better option in a fat burner supplement.

The thermogenesis process is actually very simple to understand. An individual consumes a fat burner containing a chili pepper extract rich in capsaicin. The body recognizes the capsaicin as heat, and begins to respond by triggering the body's internal cooling mechanisms: sweating, blood vessel dilation, etc. This all costs calories - a lot of calories - and may also increase fat oxidation itself.

Every good fat loss supplement needs to make some provision for appetite suppression. For the vast majority of people, the hardest thing about losing weight (and losing fat in particular) is the dieting.

Food cravings can derail even the most motivated bodybuilder, and being thinner often doesn't seem worth the constant hunger and fatigue that comes with a serious cut. And when you've been hungry for days, your mood can drop rapidly and the last thing you want to do is really go all-out in the gym. That's why the best fat burners should contain an ingredient known to suppress appetite and control food cravings.

Now, most weight loss pills will contain some kind of appetite suppressant, but we do not want some nasty stimulant that's going to prevent us eating for hours at a time. Athletes still need to eat, and those kinds of stimulants can be very dangerous! Instead, opt for a supplement which makes you feel full and satisfied after eating smaller meals; a natural bulking agent like glucomannan is ideal for this. Avoid scams like Garcinia Cambogia Extract and Raspberry Ketones, as these substances have never been proven to work in clinical trial.

Dieting can leave you feeling constantly fatigued. Having low energy levels and sapped motivation in the gym is not what you need when you're building up to an MMA fight or a bodybuilding show; the final few months are when your training needs to be at its most intense! This is why high quality weight loss supplements will not only burn fat, but they'll also enhance training by increasing energy levels.

Many people like to get their stimulants from natural sources, such as the caffeine in coffee, or from caffeine-infused pre-workout supplements designed to supercharge your training sessions and induce a 'pump'. This is why we recommend a stimulant-free fat burner; that way you can couple it with a stimulant or not depending on your preference.

While losing body fat is the primary goal, we do not want to lose muscle mass at the same rate! Muscle mass preservation is one of the most overlooked aspects of a good weight loss program. Because of this, very few modern fat burners contain any ingredients for preserving muscle mass, as people focus solely on body fat and not total body composition.

It is possible to maximize lean muscle mass preservation while promoting body fat loss. Substances such as HMB have been shown to greatly reduce muscle mass loss, even during intensive pre-season training blocks where athletes are constantly in a caloric deficit with little recovery time. Our top rated fat burner comes loaded with muscle-saving HMB, which means every pound of body fat lost during a cut makes all the more difference to your physique!

Finally, we come to the main way in which fat burners, or at least the genuinely effective fat burners out there, actually work: the stimulation of fat oxidation. In other words: BURNING FAT! The primary way that fat burners should help you lose weight is by promoting and accelerating the use of stored body fat as fuel for energy.

While you do need to enter a caloric deficit to trigger fat oxidation from body fat stores (such as so-called "stubborn" belly fat), you can encourage the mobilization of stored fat by using specific nutraceuticals. Of these, Forslean Coleus Forskolii Extract is the most robustly proven in clinical trials, followed by a high EGCG green tea extract (although you get the same benefits from drinking green tea).

Many fat burners marketed as specifically for men claim to promote muscle mass growth as well as supporting fat loss. This naturally makes you question whether the supplement works by influencing testosterone levels. Usually, the only way you can simultaneously build lean muscle mass and reduce body fat is to drastically raise testosterone levels.

No, fat burners – even fat burners supposedly designed specifically for men – should not interfere with testosterone levels in a significant way.

Rather than actively promoting muscle mass growth while cutting, top fat burners will instead help you preserve muscle mass while you lose body fat. This is possible with the use of natural nutraceuticals, and it does not require the manipulation of hormone levels!

By protecting your gains while boosting fat loss, the best fat burners for men will help you appear much much muscular than before even though you will weigh less.

Who are fat burners really for? This is an extremely important question to answer, as the majority of people who use fat burners on a daily basis do not need to use them at all! The best fat burners are high-spec supplements designed for serious athletes. They are most often used by athletes who do not want to risk using banned substances for both health and legal reasons.

In other words, the best fat burners are serious products, not supplements just anyone should use without some guidance or experience. High potency weight loss supplements and thermogenic fat burners may be made of 100% natural ingredients, but they can still cause drastic changes in body weight, metabolism, blood sugar, appetite, and body temperature.

Nobody should be using a fat burner supplement (especially one reliant on thermogenesis and metabolism manipulation) without first getting medical advice.

In 2021, Aljamain Sterling (also known as "Funk Master") used Burn Lab Pro when cutting weight for his MMA title fight – shortly before being crowned as the UFC Bantamweight World Champion.

If you are interested in enhancing weight loss through the use of fat burning supplements, then you should take the time to learn about how fat burners work, the side effects associated with thermogenic fat burners and weight loss pills, and how to use fat burners for maximum effect.

To enjoy all of the benefits of the top fat burning supplements on the market right now, you need to know how to use them as part of a wider fat loss strategy. You cannot just start taking a fat burner, not do any exercise, cheat on your diet, and expect a ripped, shredded, muscular physique in 6-12 weeks!

To really see benefits from a fat burner, you need to couple it with intelligent training and a well-planned diet ensuring you get all the best essential vitamins and minerals your body needs.

Most of the best fat burners produce optimal results when taken consistently, on a daily basis, for several weeks or months. For most people, a healthy rate to lose weight is around 1-2lbs per week. A top quality fat burner can often be the difference between losing 1lb per week and 2lbs per week. Over the course of a 10-week cut, that amounts to an extra 10lbs of fat (and hopefully a lot less muscle mass loss).

A sensible diet consisting of plenty of lean protein, omega 3 fatty acids, complex carbohydrates, and nutrient-dense vegetables should be followed all year-round, but especially during a period of caloric restriction. When you're cutting, every calorie counts, so the food you eat needs to provide as much slow-burning energy, muscle mass material, and vital nutrients as possible. It is also important to consider thermogenic effect of protein consumption, with higher protein diets leading to greater satiety and an independent thermogenic effect[9].

In terms of training, most people do well following roughly the same training routine in both 'on' and 'off' seasons. The only thing that should change is training intensity, with max loads being dropped for lighter weights as you lose body weight (to prevent injuries). Boxers and MMA fighters will of course introduce more technique work as they approach a fight, and increase cardio while reducing weight training as they reach the end of their cut.

Clinically dosed ingredients mean the fat burner contains the same proportion of ingredients as the scientific trials in which it was proven to be effective. The exact measurements ensure more accuracy between the trial and the real-world. For instance, if a study quoted by a manufacturer found that 300mg of forskolin was effective for fat loss, then there should be at least that much in the fat burner!

Stimulants, such as caffeine and theobromine, give you more energy to work out and increase your metabolism. Always review the recommended dosage on the bottle so that you can avoid jitteriness, an elevated heart rate, and other side effects. If you want to avoid side effects altogether, or you are already using a product which contains caffeine (such as a pre-workout), then use a stimulant-free fat burner.

Price is a two-way street. You can purchase top-of-the-line products with high prices but proven results, or you can save money buying cheaper fat burners that end up giving you not benefits at all. before buying a fat burning supplement you should consider whether or not it is really worth investing in a top quality product; if not, then don't use a cheap weight loss pill instead!

Even if you find a fat burner that works, the last thing you want is to buy pills week after week. Find brands that include at least a month's worth of servings in a bottle, so you can see if it delivers weight loss results. Some companies also offer special discounts where you can buy multiple bottles for a significant discount.

You should be confident that you're getting one of the best fat burner possible. A money-back guarantee can put your mind at ease. Many reputable companies offer money-back guarantees, including Swiss Research Labs and Transparent Labs. Transparent Labs lets you use its fat burning supplement for up to 90-days before receiving a refund or exchanging it for another fat burner.

While marketing goes hand in hand with sales, the best weight loss pills for men sell themselves. Beware of any companies that aggressively push their products, make grandiose claims, or downplay the risk of side effects. These diet pills tend to lack the quality ingredients and sensible dosages you need for successful weight loss. Take time to review studies about different supplements instead of looking at limited-time deals and special offers.

Companies may say their fat burner has a proprietary formula. Yet the best-selling fat burners will invariably show their full ingredients list on the bottle. The reason low quality diet pills hide their dosages is to disguise how bad their formula really is; you're being ripped-off! The bottom line is that you should know what you're putting in your body before buying the product.

Most diet pills contain large amounts of stimulants. Stuffing yourself full of stimulants is not the safest or healthiest way to approach fat loss. More stimulants doesn't necessarily mean better. If you find a diet pill packed full of caffeine, green tea extract, and even a low quality green coffee bean extract, you're better off looking elsewhere.

Are fat burners for men safe to use?

The answer to this question depends entirely on the fat burner in question. The best fat burners for men are generally very safe when used correctly. Because they use sensible doses of natural, pure, rigorously tested ingredients, they do not end to cause side effects. Our top rated fat burner on the market today, Burn Lab Pro, doesn't contain any stimulants at all, and the ingredients have all been found to be safe and well tolerated at higher doses than we get from this fat burner.

However, not all fat burners are safe. Not by a long way!

Many cheap, low quality fat burners are actually highly dangerous supplements prone to causing serious side effects. This is because the worst fat burning supplements and weight loss pills are usually just stuffed full of cheap, nasty stimulants which artificially suppress your appetite and cause a wide range of side effects.

Many of the worst fat burners also use synthetic thermogenic substances to raise body temperature. The danger is here is that your body temperature gets too high for too long; a potentially lethal side effect. Thermogenic fat burners should be avoided unless the ingredients used are natural and have been thoroughly tested at doses exceeding that used in the supplement.

It is extremely important that you do not combine any fat burners or weight loss pills with other supplements loaded with stimulants (e.g. pre-workouts). Even if a fat burner claims that their caffeine is from green tea or green coffee bean extract and is therefore safe, it isn't! Caffeine is caffeine, and it can interact with other stimulants in unusual ways. The best approach is to use a stimulant-free diet pill.

This is not medical advice. Fat burners for men are designed to help you lose weight. They are serious supplements which should be used exclusively by experienced athletes under medical supervision. Thermogenic fat burners are designed to help you lose weight by raising body temperature to increase energy expenditure. Such fat burners should not be used by people with pre-existing heart conditions. Do your research carefully before using any fat burner.

As we now know, men's fat burners are serious supplements designed with hard-working athletes in mind. The best fat burners for men on the market are purpose-built for boxers, MMA fighters, bodybuilders, and weight lifters; competitive athletes that may need help reaching a certain weight in short space of time.

Importantly, the best fat burners for men are designed to maximize fat loss while minimizing muscle mass loss. This is vital for athletes who need to be training at 100% capacity and performing at 100% strength while still losing weight.

If you need help shedding body fat while holding on to as much muscle as possible, then a natural fat burner could be just what you need. But don't waste your money on cheap product full of nasty stimulants and useless filler ingredients. Opt for a high-quality supplement backed by real science and the front runner at the moment can only be Burn Lab Pro.

The answer to this question is simple. The best fat burner for men is the same as the best fat burner for women! Whichever supplement most effectively increases metabolism, speeds up fat oxidation, reduces hunger and preserves lean muscle mass is the best fat burner for you, regardless of whether you're a man or woman.

The most potent fat burning supplement on the market right now is Burn Lab Pro. It offers the best combination of high quality ingredients while posing little to no side effect risks. You should try to find the right fat burner for you and your specific needs rather than trying to use the "strongest" fat burner.

Generally speaking, beginners should not use fat burning supplements. Top quality fat burners are designed with professional athletes in mind, not people new to weight training or bodybuilding. However, if you have been training for a few years and you struggle to lose belly fat without losing a lot of muscle, a natural fat burner might be right for you. A plant-based product with clinically tested ingredients, such as Burn Lab Pro, is ideal for beginners.

The best way for a man to lose fat fast is to simultaneously reduce caloric intake while increasing caloric expenditure. In practice, this means a man looking to lose fat fast needs to eat less and exercise more. It is important that a man does not try to lose fat too fast, as this can cause testosterone collapse.

Good fat burners typically start working right away. The increased energy, thermogenic effect and increased fat oxidation should all start working immediately, often in as little as 1-3 hours after taking the first capsule. But how long it takes you to reach your weight loss goal while using a fat burner is down to your training and diet as much as the quality of the supplement.

Fat burners are supplements that are meant to boost the process of fat metabolism in the body. They do this by increasing the metabolic rate, raising body temperature, and increasing your energy expenditure. They can also prevent fat accumulation in the body as adipose tissue, thereby preventing weight gain.

Take your fat burners for long enough to achieve your desired weight loss goals. Taking them for a period of a month to 2 months at a time with some breaks is recommended to avoid becoming tolerant to them.

Your weight loss results will depend on the type of fat burner you’re using, your diet and exercise regimen, and your body physiology. Results vary from person to person. While some people might lose a lot of pounds almost instantly, it might take longer for others.

Yes, you should exercise and have a healthy diet plan while using fat burners. Fat burners are not made to work on their own, but to enhance the effects of a good workout and diet regimen.